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The Stabilizer¨ Truss Brace can help reduce your truss installation labor costs by over 35%. This tremendous cost savings can help give you a more competitive edge when bidding your next job, and give you the confidence of a safer installation. For more information about the Stabilizer contact us today about trying Stabilizers FREE on your next truss job from us. To see the Stabilizer in action and to hear what other builders have to say about the Stabilizer, click on the YouTube links below.

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Nordic Installation Guide 2014 version

Guide for handling & installing wall panels

Wall panel hoisting

Allowable Holes for Nordic I-Joists

Lateral bracing letter for either side of web

Nordic Lam hole chart and technical specs

West Fraser LVL hole chart

Drywall as rigid ceiling (bracing)

Floor Truss Strongback Detail - Floor Truss Strongback Detail

TimberLok detail

Field measurement spec sheet - Filling out this sheet will insure a better match to an existing roof. Print out and fill-in the required information.

TimberLok screw values and code approvals

West Fraser LVL Nailing Guide

Nordic Lam Nailing Guide

Nordic Construction Details

Nordic Roof Details Guide

Nordic Beams Pamphlet

Nordic Residential Pamphlet

Nordic Construction Guide

Hanger Specifications

Block Detail (5 1/2" Bearing) - Block detail for 5 1/2" bearing

Block Detail (3 1/2" Bearing) - Block detail for 3 1/2" bearing

Ground Bracing Detail - Ground bracing detail

Lateral Toe Nail Detail - Lateral toe nail detail

Standard Piggyback Truss Connection Detail - Detail for standard connection of piggyback truss

Standard Gable End Detail - Detail for standard gable end

Temporary Bracing - Detail for temporary bracing of roof trusses

T-Brace Detail - Detail for T-Brace

Wisconsin End Wall Blocking Detail - Detail for End Wall Blocking in Wisconsin